This one got me in the spirit. The alcoholic spirits in my cupboard. As Olivia Wilde’s character put it, “I can’t face the anticipointment. You know anticipation of disappointment”. Well, Ms Wilde. The anticipointment was still too much to bear. It was watchable BUT enjoyable? I should have known what I was getting myself into. … Continue reading *NEW* CHRISTMAS WITH THE COOPERS REVIEW *NEW*



Ho-ho-horrible. Dark, demented, different. I normally dread the Christmas period. The inevitable corny and schmaltzy monstrosities we call Christmas movies haunting every possible TV channel (Jingle All The Way being the exception. What?). BUT this latest offering brings a different kind of dread altogether! A boy (Emjay Anthony) who has a bad Christmas ends up accidentally … Continue reading *NEW* KRAMPUS REVIEW *NEW*


Ho, ho, ho - horrible! Dude, Where's My Donkey? No, not the long awaited sequel to Dude, Where’s My Car? (Well, I liked it). I would have preferred watching an attempt at that than endure this festive fiasco again. From the moment the first badly mimed, badly choreographed and terribly out of sync flash mob … Continue reading NATIVITY 3: DUDE, WHERE’S MY DONKEY?


Get on it! Jim Broadbent dons the red suit and white beard and leads a sterling British cast in this fun (but flawed) Christmas cracker. Writer/director Christopher Smith has taken the same old Santa spiel and re-worked it into something quite different and entertaining. So what's it all about? (Besides the obvious implications of the title) A father … Continue reading GET SANTA REVIEW


Br-br-br-brilliant. A hugely entertaining, easygoing and fun family romp. Disney have done it yet again. Before the feature even began, we were awarded with a John Lasseter produced Mickey Mouse short, "Get A Horse". An elongated if beautifully animated short mixing classic animation with the new, showing how far Disney have progressed without discrediting their origins. … Continue reading FROZEN REVIEW


What's this, what's this? (See what I did there). A brilliant Halloween/Christmas film? Or both. Yeah, I'll get my coat. 24 years? Really? Well, despite that shocking revelation, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still a beautifully creepy, macabre (get me with the fancy words), musical masterpiece that I would happily watch again and again. And … Continue reading *THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS REVIEW*

Merry Christmas!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRTTtvdOcMM I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. For those who know me and have read my blog, there was only one Christmas song I could put on. Thanks for the views, comments, follows, retweets, etc. I will be on hiatus for the Christmas period but start of the new year, I … Continue reading Merry Christmas!