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So what do you want to know? For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster . . . I mean involved in the film industry.

Films were always an escape for me. For those two to three hours, they could take me on journeys with memorable characters, sometimes with crazy breathtaking effects, others with just fantastic story writing.

I love to write too. I dabble (dabble? Who uses that?) in short stories. I originally wanted to be a film critic hence the eloquent rants that you see on this very page. Plus it was a great excuse to cover my film addiction.

I go to the cinema as often as possible. I have one of those Unlimited cards for my local (like it’s a pub. Some people drink. I watch films). In one year, I saw 145 films! 


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I do have some academic credibility (Well, I have the nice letters on the end of my name). I attended DeMontfort University in Leicester and studied a three year undergraduate course in BA Film and Media Studies. 

Incredible. Note for the skeptics, it wasn’t all films, films, films. I mean, could you tell me the hidden dialectical meanings behind 1980s Third World Cinema? Or compare and contrast the capitalist dystopias presented in 1980s science fiction movies? Yeah, not all Disney and Harry Potter (Had a good portion of it, mind).

Even managed to do my dissertation on Contemporary American Film Noir (A genre that there seems to be a lack of these days).

However, within my first year, my lecturer had the pleasure of dropping the bombshell that being a film critic was nigh on impossible. Once papers and magazines (etc) have a film critic, it’s pretty much the waiting game and for some reason (not that I should insult that) they live for a very long time.

So I proceeded from my BA (with Honours) degree and took a two year part time Masters Degree in Television Scriptwriting.

Why complain about movies all the time? Put your money where your mouth is and try and write one . . . Still trying. 

I am trying to convert my scripts into short stories so people can read them on the blog. Working progress. 

I tweet too. Feel free to follow me on PRIMEMINISTER20. Just a little taster. Any other questions, qualms, let me know.

Enjoy the blog!

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog, your blog looks great! Can’t wait to start reading some of your reviews 🙂

  2. Interesting write-up on the self.
    145 films per year, isn’t that crazy, as there 365 days in a year. If you can achieve 365 films or more within one year, now that’s nuts!!! Ha!! But great!!!
    I studied films too. I have an MA in International Cinema. Love film Analysis.
    Your dissertation was on ‘Contemporary American Film-Noir’, mine was on ‘Marriage in Hitchcock Films’ :O

    1. Haha thank you. To say I’m obsessed with films would be an understatement. A fellow film student, eh? Bienvenue. Wilkommen. Marriage in Hitchcock films. That would have been interesting to look at. I am a huge Hitchcock fan. My focus was on the return of noir with the lone private eye comparing Gone Baby Gone and Brick to The Big Sleep and Out of the Past. Film analysis was fantastic. I was introduced to so many iconic films.

      1. Nice!!
        Yup, I really enjoyed my dissertation, it was more of a psychoanalytical look at Hitchcockian characters.
        If you love Hitchcock, you might enjoy taking part in Hitchcock Quiz I made earlier this month.

      2. Woo this sounds interesting. Gone Baby Gone paired with The Big Sleep. My immediate response would be to talk about the audience involvement in detective films, about how Gone Baby Gone delegates some detective work to the audience, while the audience sees LA through Marlowe’s eyes. I must admit though, the English literature side of me wants to bring in Edgar Allan Poe and discuss Raymond Chandler.. but that would be too simplistic I guess.

      3. A fan, I see lol. That’s not too simplistic at all. I did mention similar comments about audience participation BUT it was more about why we were returning to this darker hard boiled underworld that showed a seedier side to the American Dream and why this loner private eye appealed so much? In a nutshell. But it has been a while since I wrote that dissertation. And of course I included Vertigo. How could I not? An iconic film and a perfect case study 🙂

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