A return to form from the maestro who brought us The Sixth Sense? Or another dud to add the ever-growing backlog from that guy who gave us The Happening? In a nutshell, meh. BUT one thing can be agreed, James McAvoy was excellent. Three girls are kidnapped by a man diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities. They … Continue reading *NEW* SPLIT REVIEW *NEW*



Thank you Markus (https://themarckoguy.wordpress.com) for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. An award that shows a little recognition to some of your favourite bloggers. A much needed pick me up after my lack of motivation and writer's block. And yes sir, you are right! There's more to it than just receiving the award, you … Continue reading THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD . . .


Silence was probably the best reaction I could muster after this arduous affair. Two priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor and propagate Catholicism. There were moments where I felt I was being tortured with the priests and NOT in a good way (If there is a good way). I'm a … Continue reading *NEW* SILENCE REVIEW *NEW*


Alright, alright. The pace may have been a killer and we might have seen it all before BUT Affleck’s crime caper still packs a punch. A group of Boston-bred gangsters set up shop in balmy Florida during the Prohibition era, facing off against the competition and the Ku Klux Klan. The opening 20 minutes didn't mess … Continue reading *NEW* LIVE BY NIGHT REVIEW *NEW*


I surrender. Good chemistry does just enough to make this typical Hollywood war romance watchable. In 1942, a Canadian intelligence officer (Brad Pitt) in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter (Marion Cotillard) on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war. … Continue reading *NEW* ALLIED REVIEW *NEW*


Boreee-gan, more like. Original, I know. A bit like this movie's premise. A corporate risk-management consultant (Kate Mara) must decide whether or not to terminate an artificially created humanoid being (Anya Taylor-Joy). If Ridley Scott's son wasn't directing this, I wouldn't have been surprised to see this feature as a Late Night Premiere on the … Continue reading *NEW* MORGAN REVIEW *NEW*


For the love of all that is holy, AVOID this movie. Another failed video game adaptation bites the dust. When Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin; he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. We're only a couple of weeks … Continue reading *NEW* ASSASSIN’S CREED 3D REVIEW *NEW*