Did you walk out of a film feeling angry, disappointed, baffled, confused? Did you walk out of a film for that matter? Did you sit in your car (or at home) reeling? Questioning, debating, pondering how on Earth it even got through the pitching process? Then, welcome. I think I've already compiled my worst films … Continue reading THE WORST FILMS OF 2014 – PART TWO



A bold, visceral debut with another charismatic performance from a rising star. BUT not without its imperfections. Firstly, it helps to have some insight into the Troubles of '71. Now my knowledge is sparse but despite not being alive at the time, that doesn't mean I'm not aware of the conflict that ensued between England … Continue reading ’71 REVIEW


Oh Boy! Now firstly, I am a huge fan of Park Chan-wook's 2004 original cult classic, and was devastated to hear a remake was in the pipeline. However, I felt somewhat assured knowing that Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing and Inside Man) was at the helm, with Josh Brolin and Samuel L (The L … Continue reading OLDBOY REVIEW


Tough to comply with this one . . . When a prank caller (Pat Healy) claiming to be a police officer convinces a fast food restaurant manager (Ann Dowd) to interrogate an innocent young employee (Dreama Walker), no one is left unharmed. The film's theme focused primarily on manipulation and human gullibility. The lengths that … Continue reading COMPLIANCE REVIEW