Get on your dancing shoes and get on it. Funny, feelgood, does what is says on the tin. Bosh. It was never going to win plaudits for groundbreaking comedy or originality, we've seen it all before but at its core is an easygoing (and most importantly) funny comedy about an overweight unloved man who revives … Continue reading CUBAN FURY REVIEW



A story we've seen done endless times before but surprisingly enough with a light touch and a good cast, quite watchable. Not the worst love story going, but not the best. If you love all that predictable guff, give it a go. The spiel is nothing new. Privileged, if isolated, high school loner  Jade Butterfield (Gabriella … Continue reading ENDLESS LOVE REVIEW


Hit and miss. Suspenseful in parts. This US/Polish collaborated thriller just wasn't strong enough. I was impressed to see a foreign film at my local Cineworld. However, this film might not be the best case to persuade them to do so. An intriguing opening certainly got things going. The sinister looking Dimitri Bilov showing how … Continue reading JACK STRONG REVIEW


Alright, alright, alright. In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is diagnosed with the disease. An engrossing (and gritty) tale of one's man fight for survival. I can't believe this was a true story. McConaughey provided a … Continue reading DALLAS BUYERS CLUB REVIEW


A short story I wrote a while back about one man's downfall during the lunch time madness. Bon appetit! LUNCH TIME  It’s the lunch time dash at the Good Eats Restaurant. The place is full to the brim with impatient, hungry customers. Queues have formed all the way back to the entrance. People are trying … Continue reading LUNCH TIME

The Monuments Men Review

Not a monument that will stand the lengths of time in the huge backlog of war classics we've had before. It checked all the boxes but failed to deliver anything new or interesting. Hardly a bomb site, but it lacked the right execution for this operation. George Clooney takes the helm yet again in an … Continue reading The Monuments Men Review


New recruit. Same problems. Hardly the best Ryan outing but it wasn't a complete misfire. Jack Ryan (Chris Pine), as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack. Jack Ryan has been brought back numerous times and always (shamefully) fails to stick around as a … Continue reading *JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT REVIEWED AND REVISITED*