The Nightmare Before Christmas Review


What’s this, what’s this, a brilliant Christmas film? See what I did there. Yeah, I’ll get my coat.

A little late on the review side, as it is the new year but despite being a seasonal film and four days into a new year, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still a beautifully creepy, macabre (get me with the fancy words), musical masterpiece that I would happily watch again and again. And again. You get the idea.

It had been a while since I had last viewed this with the family, but as soon as the opening song began, my feet were tapping and I was singing along, much to my parents’ annoyance. What is incredible and depressing (well for me anyway) is that this film is 20 years old?! As old as my little bro.

I’m surprised that the West End or Broadway have not adapted this to the stage. I’m sure they did something at Universal for an anniversary? But I digress . . .

We join Jack Skellington in the wonderfully gruesome Halloween Town as he battles the growing anxiety that something is missing in his life. Unhappy, he stumbles across doors that open portals to other towns, one being Christmas Town. Elated that he may have found that missing link, Skellington tries to explain the concept of Christmas to the ghastly town with eeily hilarious consequences. A particular highlight being a little boy unwrapping a shrunken head, a very hungry Christmas wreath and toys that don’t quite gasp the concept of play time.

It may be a little frightening for children of a younger age. Saying that, my brother’s twenty and it still freaks him out! Funny enough, this never did for me.  For a side note, the one that did was Toy Story. I know, right? Sid and Scud scared me and oh God, Babyface. Still shudder now, just typing the name.

Understandable that this world could only be brought to the screen by none other than Tim ‘Beetlejuice’ Burton and Henry ‘Coraline’ Selick. But the pair fill these delicately creepy characters with such life and heart that make them so funny and entertaining from the delightfully satiricial two faced town major and mad scientist with an abnormally sized cranium. Packed with a wonderfully musical soundtrack by, one on the Burton checklist, Danny Elfman (who actually sang for Skellington. Sorry Chris Sarandon fans).

I always use the excuse that this is a seasonal film just to watch it. Well it does feature Halloween, Christmas and Easter (well it’s got the Easter Bunny in it!) and . . . It doesn’t matter a film like this can be watched anytime. Beautfully haunting, great songs, great story, just a great film. Still got some Christmas cheer left so 5/5. (Whatttt?)

This will rank #1 out of 118 in my movie ranking list but remember folks this is for films I watch from . . . whenever I said I would start doing this!

Oh and this, as I can’t get it out of my head now . . .


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