I don’t mean to brag but (cough) THE DRAGON LOYALTY AWARD (cough) (cough)


Originally I wondered what the hell this was? I thought it was a chain letter. My war with spammers isn’t great. Sorry Mr. Russel D’Silva. Now I’ve looked into it. I’m happy to have been nominated for the Dragon Loyalty Award. I’m glad to know my rants are not a complete load of tripe. I’m still getting used to all this. It’s only taken me two years. Gulp.

I would like to thank Russel D’Silva for the nomination and recommend that people check out his blog. It’s actually pretty pretty good. Keep up the good work my son!

Here’s the link to this legend’s blog:


So here are the rules for winning the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award”

STEP 1) Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. (CHECK! DRAGONS!)

STEP 2) Link to the person who nominated you (LOOK ABOVE. CHECK!)

STEP 3) Nominate five or more bloggers of your choice.

STEP 4) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

Ah, nominees. There’s the rub. Hmmm . . . let me think. I have read a lot of posts in my time. So many legendary quotes and rants.

As Russel rightly said; it would be weird to nominate the blogger who nominated you. So after much deliberation (I keep starting sentences with so!), please find below  my nominees for the Dragon Loyalty Award . . .

We need a trumpet call. Sorry about the quality but you get the picture . . .

I nominate:







I’m sorry if I missed anybody. I would be here forever if I could recall everybody. To those who I did nominate, THANK YOU for the support, the banter and your awesome blogs.

Your reviews have always got me talking out loud. Even in public when no one has a clue and there I am screaming, “YES! I know, right?!”. Hence the title . . . That Mad Movie Ranter.

Right enough corny sentiment! Good job, guys!

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