Like any sex tape really. Overhyped. Talked about by all your friends. And not as good or as dirty as you hope or think.

As soon as it started with the alluring Cameron Diaz effing and jeffing about sex. Cue a montage of her and Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in numerous sordid positions in numerous places, I feared the worst. It was OTT, stupid but most importantly not funny. I can do random, silly, crude humour. As long as it’s funny.

To be honest, it only really kicks off when the duo inevitably make the sex tape to spice up their flailing marital sex life. If you’re lucky not to have seen the trailers then some of the gags in which the pair try and outdo each sex act, it brings the odd chuckle. Diaz has proven she’s game for a laugh in the past; There’s Something About Mary, The Other Woman and boy she’s still got it at 42. Wowewewow. Anyway . . .

I could get over the fact the pair were trying to act like 20 year olds in the flashback montage because Diaz and Segel worked well together. The film only really gets going when the actual sex tape is shared across a number of iPads through a naff syncing app. A ridiculous premise in which Jay (Segel) gives away all his iPads as a charitable gesture. But that’s only because I’m tight and would have sold them for a quick buck but hey, there wouldn’t have been a movie otherwise.

Cue an anonymous text blackmailing our guilty couple and a mad hunt to seek all the iPads and deleting said tape leading to a watchable if mediocre comedy. The supporting cast were picked perfectly. Rob Lowe was fantastic and in scene stealing form. How he did all it dead pan? I will never know. His obsession with Disney characters being an unexpected but much needed gag, helped ignite this flat battery.

Incorporating himself into every Disney picture around his mansion was completely random but hilarious. The heavily advertised Alsatian fight sequence with Segel was still brilliant. And to be frank, I was laughing a lot more than I expected to and the pace soon zipped along as the madness ensued. Segel’s spiel (Didn’t mean to rhyme there) certainly improved things and made gags and one liners work when they really shouldn’t.

Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine) and Ellie Kemper (21 Jump Street) were pretty good. Cordrry in particular, delivering some belters yet again.

Robby (Corddry): Who has sex for three hours?
Jay (Segel): We did!
Robby: That’s the length of the movie “Lincoln”. You did the full Lincoln.

A guilty laugh from me. An unexpected cameo from Jack Black was great. Black can do no wrong. Literally showing up  to spew some random porn site names. Should be dumb but funny. Desperation? Laughing at porn site names? Maybe.

Apart from the odd one liner here and the unexpected funny gag there, the rest of it does reek of desperation. Swearing, drug use and shagging thrown in to make up for the lack of . . . anything really. The kid actors were wasted (Not literally) and were highly unmemorable. Well it can’t be helped when the biggest kids in the film are the parents. Sebastian Hedges Thomas made the most memorable impression as the little sod (Trying to keep it clean) Clive.

The commentary and debate about couples losing their sex life as soon as they get married wasn’t a bad concept. We got a little tidbit of depth with our couple as Diaz and Segel juggle busy schedules, work and kids but it’s soon soiled by, “When shall we pencil in to fuck?”. Delightful. NOT.

It zips along and certainly kills 90-odd minutes. Not the worst film I’ve seen by the way critics are laying into this. I don’t know why snobby toffs would even bother seeing films like this. It was always going to be slated. Sometimes big dumb movies are a great release. Switch your brain off and relax. Unfortunately this one was killing my brain until the gags finally got going.

2/5 for me

6 thoughts on “SEX TAPE REVIEW

  1. Good review. I was thinking this was how it would be like, so figured I would not see it. It seems to have a few funny jokes, but the problem in my opinion is that the whole movie is based on one joke/premise that is pretty much overused by the time the trailer is finished. Do you know if this is considered a Judd Apatow movie? There have been a couple of misses along with many funny movies by those guys. I’ve also seen a few movies by Apatow or that feature actors associated with him that didn’t get much attention, but ended up being pretty funny if not the best. On this list I would put movies like The Sitter, Observe and Report, etc. Do you think the movie above is in their league or lower? BTW I did enjoy previous movies with that actors, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man.

    1. Thank you. Bang on. I’m afraid. It desperately tries to be an Apatow movie and like you said doesn’t always works. I would put it on par with The Sitter but Observe and Report was so different. Dark and demented. I didn’t know what to make of it but I kinda liked it. To be honest, a lower league. More like The Long Weekend with Chris Klein. If you haven’t seen it, you were lucky. Tries so hard to be funny and crude. Just comes off cringeworthy.

      1. Yeah if you’re talking about Observe and Report I know what you mean haha it is kind of demented and strange at times, but still some funny parts. I’ve never seen The Long Weekend with Chris Klein though. Actually speaking of Sex Tape, there’s another comedy that had Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz called Bad Teacher, which also starred Justin Timberlake. If you haven’t seen it I would say it’s decent, not amazing, but has some funny parts in it as well.

      2. Yeah, I meant Observe and Report with the demented comments lol. Jumped titles a bit quick there. It felt with this Diaz/Segel film that it tried to be Dude, Where’s My Sex Tape? But Dude, Where’s My Car was random, OTT but so funny. Well I thought so anyway. Will have to check out Bad Teacher. I’ll put it on the list. Thanks.

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