Review Wanker! Bants. Anyway, the Pusssaaaiii patrol are back and better than ever? Certainly close in a riotous reunion as the lads tackle Down Under.

Has it really been six years since these four teenage misfits first hit our screens on E4 and brought along a sleeper hit complete with a collection of phrases that have entered the the English vocabulary?

It’s always tough to make comparisons to something that has been consistently funny. I always found any of the entries falling short of that first series but don’t get me wrong, they’ve still been brilliant and now . . .

Three years after the movie hit the big screens, another sequel has inevitably appeared and boy have I missed the Inbetweeners and they still haven’t overstayed their welcome.

Now firstly, if you’re not a fan then . . . why are you on here? Secondly, I don’t think this entry will change your mind but . . . if you are then Fwend, Inbetweeners Fwend. The gang are all back and as soon as the strangely bizarre opening credit sequence passes, the lads are still bluffing and bumbling their way along . . . this time at uni.

Will (Simon Bird) is managing to be a . . . Uni wanker, proving highly unpopular among his “class mates”. Simon (Joe Thomas) is now trying to escape his psychopathic girlfriend Lucy (Tamla Kari . . . yeah, same bird from the first film) and Neil is . . . well, Neil (Blake Harrison).

While Jay (James Buckley) is living it up large down in Oz getting blowies every morning; if his hilarious messages to the lads is anything to go by. As soon as Jay starts, you know what you’re getting in for.

It all starts off a little slow burning, if cringe-inducingly funny as the lads inevitably decide to go travelling and surprise Jay. But once they unite, it gets better and better. Each gag getting even more wrong . . . but incredibly funny. Damon Beesley and Ian Morris still manage to deliver quotable lines and some new gags to pull on the lads down at the pub.

They even manage to steal a gag from one of my all time comedies Kevin and Perry Go Large and take it to a whole new level of disgusting with hilarious results. Now I’m not going to divulge details because I want you lot to see it.

The lines are fantastic. The observations from the lads as they experience travelling and messing it up in hostels are spot on! Jay’s opinion on people around camp fires playing guitars had me in stitches. That is until Will gives it a crack. Oh yeah . . . it’s just as good as you think. The lads still play the parts well and each of them get a moment to shine. There are so many good moments but I can’t spoil it.

The whole gap year douche bag running gag is perfectly personified by the dreadlocked yuppie Ben (Freddie Stroma). I was struggling to decide whether this film was better than the last but as I’m writing, the more scenes I think of; the more I smile.

Familiar faces pop up (Of course, Will’s mum is back! The alluring Belinda Stewart-Wilson) and new faces are introduced in the beautiful Emily Berrington (who was recently in the revived 24 series) and new quips with Jay’s revolting but incredibly funny Australian uncle Barry.

The first film had a lot of hype and pressure and although funny as hell, felt a bit long at the tooth, especially when the lads were scrapping. Inevitably that happens again this time around but to a funnier and much shorter result. The fact the film is trimmed in length, makes it a lot zippier and by the end . . . you actually want more.

There was a questionable lull nearer the end when the lads struggle to endure the Outback but it does lead to a funny pay off. I think it would be no surprise to say that yet again it’s left all open with the tease of another.

And if they stay this good, then keep ’em coming. Get to the cinema, you bumders!